An alternative web interface for Transmission
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About Overdrive

Overdrive is an alternative web interface for the Transmission torrent program. There are a number of issues that I have with the web interface that comes with Transmission (some more subjective than others), so I decided to make my own.

Currently the interface is incomplete, but it works for basic usage. Currently implemented features include the ability to add torrents by URL, sorting by any column, filtering by status, performing operations on multiple torrents, and choosing which files to download.

Overdrive is written entirely using standard HTML/CSS/Javascript, and will work in any standards-compliant browser (essentially any modern browser). There are no special cases made to ensure functionality within a specific browser. Chromium and Firefox are used to test functionality. There are no Linux versions of Safari or IE/Edge (or whatever MS is calling their browser these days), so I am unable to test those. Opera uses the same rendering engine as Chromium, so testing it would be redundant.

I am currently focusing my efforts on rewriting the interface from scratch. The current iteration (though stable and working) is starting to get stale. The last update was made years before I made this repository. The only reason I even published this version is for historical purposes. There is no ETA for the new version, so don't ask.


Overdrive should work with the latest version of any browser.


The files in this repository need to be installed in one of several locations in order for Transmission to use it (instead of the built-in interface). You can pick one of the following locations:

  • $HOME/.local/share/transmission/web (where $HOME is the home directory of the user Transmission is running as)
  • /usr/local/share/transmission/web
  • /usr/share/transmission/web (this is the location of the default interface)

Transmission will search the directories in the order in which they are listed above. Thus, it will fallback to the default interface only if none of the other locations exist.

How to report bugs?

Open an issue on the issue tracker.

Since I am currently working on re-writing the interface (as mentioned above), I will probably not update the existing code. However, the fix will be included in the new version (if applicable).


The icons used at the top of the interface are part of the "Button Icons" set created by Hopstarter. They are available here.

The "B" Logo is Copyright (C) L. Bradley LaBoon, and will eventually be replaced with a project-specific logo.