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# backly
A simple directory cloner
## About backly
backly is a simple rsync-like tool for recursively copying entire directories.
The intended use case is for making verionless incremental backups; however, it
can be used to copy the contents of any directory to any other directory,
provided you have read access to the source and write access to the
destination. Like rsync, backly uses a combination of file size and
modification date to determine if it needs to be copied over.
This program will **not** work properly if source is a subdirectory
or destination or vice-versa.
## Required packages
backly does not depend on any packages other than what typically ships with any
Linux distribution.
## Installation
The usual `make` and `make install` is sufficient for compiling and installing
backly. The default prefix is `/usr/local`, which means the binary will be
installed to `/usr/local/bin`. The prefix can be changed by setting it in the
install command; for example, by running `make PREFIX=/usr install`.
## How to report bugs?
Open an issue on the issue tracker.
Please indicate what OS and architecture you are using, as well as output from
the program showing the bug, if possible (hint: run backly with `--test` to
avoid destroying any files that you care about).